Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Rimor have recently installed a comprehensive Pressure Test Facility which allows hydrostatic pressure testing up to 35,000psi. The approved 35,000psig pressure test unit is fitted with both an analogue & digital chart recorder all housed in an explosion proof shelter. There is a remote camera to safely view inside the rig whilst all the controls and instruments are mounted externally.

This facility was commisioned through our close work with many clients in the Oil & Gas industries who require Pressure Testing as part of the supply scope, to ensure the integrity of the equipment they are supplying.

To summarise our facility offers the following:-


Pressure testing up to 35,000 PSI (2400 BAR) – Two Separate units
Pressure Testing of both assemblies and individual components in Hydrostatic test chamber.
Fully calibrated analogue & digital chart recording equipment

Hydostatic Pressure testing & Flushing available using Deionised Water or Hydraulic Oils

Bespoke fittings & fixtures designed and manufactured
Lazer Particle Analyser in accordance with ISO,NAS, & SAE
Chart Recorders which can record Pressure up to 20,000 PSI for 0 – 3hrs on one recording sheet
Data Logger for more than 3 hours duration of testing.
Numerous years of experience and problem solving on test set-ups / test rigs.

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 Pressure Test Rig

Pressure Testing Bunker

 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Rig