Hydraulic Manifolds

Standard Or Custom Design Hydraulic Manifold Blocks Manufacturer

A hydraulic manifold is a component that regulates fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system. It is like a switchboard in an electrical circuit, allowing the operator to control how much fluid flows between individual components within the hydraulic machinery. The hydraulic manifold is composed of assorted hydraulic valves connected to each other; it is the various combinations of states of these valves that allow complex control behaviour in a hydraulic manifold

Rimor is one of the largest high tech precision manufacturers of Hydraulic Manifold blocks within Europe, servicing the following sectors.

Oil / Gas
Hydraulic / Fluid Power System

We design and manufacture a wide range of standard and highly specialised manifold blocks – these include very small, simple units through to blocks that weigh in excess of 2 tonnes and incorporate logic valve elements, cartridge valves and sub-plate mounted valves, to name but a few.

If you require a small single prototype or high batch production, a standard CETOP manifold or the most complex custom designed manifold, Rimor will always be the correct choice.

The Uses and Benefits of Hydraulic Manifold Systems

This type of Manifold is suited for instances when more complex movements are required. One perfect example can be seen with a backhoe loader. The user will need to control the various functions of the bucket from within a centralised platform. Thus, Hydraulic Manifold Blocks are connected directly to the cabin. He or she can then perform highly exacting movements while not sacrificing power or accuracy. Additionally, the redundant nature of these blocks can help to ensure years of continual use with only moderate levels of maintenance in most cases.

Quality Standard

Our Quality Assurance and Auditing procedures conform to the recognised industry standards ISO 9001:2008, and AS9100 Rev C thereby enabling Rimor to become a stronger force within this high end, high precision sector.


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