Our Strategy

Rimor's Strategy

RIMOR’s strategic focus revolves around highly complex manufacturing projects, including high-precision CNC machining and assembly challenges; delivering them in accordance with the exacting standards of our customers, on time and to schedule. Deep water subsea equipment comes with a multitude of rigorous testing procedures, and we provide all documentation and quality assurances to guarantee that our clients are receiving the very best service. Our expertise in working with extremely exotic hard metals is unrivalled. Combine our specialism in this area with our aerospace manufacturing and delivery performance, and you have a service which is unmatched within the expansive offshore industry. Our proficiency in working with such materials and our fundamental understanding of the requirements of our clients are what set us apart within this saturated sector, and we pride ourselves on being head and shoulders above competitors.


Following a management buyout in June 2013 RIMOR is proud to be partnered with LDC, the leading mid-market private equity investor. The board is ambitious to grow the business and will invest in additional capacity and expansion of RIMOR as it is required.